The Facility

The training facility at Y Bont, South Road, Aberaeron opened on the 1st of June 2015, and is the only gym of its kind in West Wales. It offers 24 hour access, 365 days of the year to members, and houses a variety of specialist equipment not found in your average gym. 24 Hour access is only available to members, and is via a keycard entry system. For a full list of the equipment available at the facility, please see the list at the bottom of the page.

Price List 

Regular Membership - £25/Month

1 Month Membership - £27

3 Month Membership - £70

6 Month Membership - £130

Annual Membership - £230

Keycard - £5

Day Pass (By Request Only) - £5

Week Pass (by Request Only) - £15

Membership can be obtained by calling in during opening hours, or you can buy online here. Access cards can be collected or mailed. Existing members can renew online, and those with access cards will be updated within 24 hours.


2 x Concept 2 Rowers, 2 x Exercise Bikes, Concept 2 SkiErg, Boxing Bag, Power rack/Cage, wall mounted rig with two racks and joining pull up bars, wall mounted Dip and pull up stations, 6 x Weight Benches, Squat/Step Box, 4 x 7ft Barbells, 6ft Barbell, Swiss Bar, Trap Bar, Safety Squat Bar, EZ Bar, Dumbbell Handles, Dumbbell Pairs from 3Kg - 50Kg, Kettlebells from 4Kg - 40Kg, Over 1000Kg of weight plates including Olympic Rubbered and Cast Iron, Range of Exercise Bands, Slam Balls, Climbing Rope, Gymnastic Rings, Prowler, Sled, Dragging/Pulling Rope, Battling Rope, Farmers Walk Handles, Soft Plyo Boxes, Hyperextension bench, Reverse Hyper, hip thrust bench, and a brand new dual stack pulley system with full range of handles.

New for Summer 2017 was the addition of some tyres, both light and heavy, for outdoor tyre exercises, when its dry of course!